The Hyperthermia Pump raises the temperature of a patient’s thoracic or peritoneal cavity to the desired target temperature by continuously lavaging it with warmed sterile solution.



The highly efficient Hyperthermia Pump™ is used in therapeutic procedures to raise the temperature of the thoracic or intraperitoneal cavity to the desired target temperature through continuous lavage with warmed sterile solution. The warmed solution is pumped into a body cavity, withdrawn, reheated, and recirculated back to the body. User friendly, compact, and safe, the Hyperthermia Pump is a global leader in delivery of hyperthermia therapy.

Key Features:
1.Highly Efficient Inductive Heat
2.Precise Temperature Control
3.Purpose-built for Patient Safety
4.Compact Design

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34.29 x 30.48 x 19.05 (cm)

Net Weight

28.5 lbs (13.0 Kg)


Hand Carry: Handle on top of unit for easy transport
I.V Pole Mount: I.V pole mountable or free standing. I.V pole diameter range of pole mount: 1" - 1 1/4"


115-120 V~ 20 amp dedicated or 230 V~ 16 amp dedicated


Battery Type: Rechargeable lead acid
Running Time: Very short time without heat
Recharge Time: 8 hours


Operating Temperature: 10°C~32°C (50°F~90°F)
Storage Temperature: -15°C~40°C
Relative Humidity: 10%~90%
Pressure: 49~103 kPa

Flow Rate

10~1000 ml/min
Tolerance: 10% from 20 - 1000 ml/min, 25% for 10 ml/min

Output Temperature


Heating Capacity

Min. 1400 watts to fluid (20°C temperature rise at 1000 ml/min)

Line Pressure

0~300 mmHg

Control Panel

Control Panel and Display: Splash proof touch screen display
Display Area: Diagonal screen 5.7” (14.5 cm)
Status Display:
1.Flow rate (ml/min)
2.Total volume infused (ml)
3.Line pressure (mmhg)
4.Output fluid temperature(°C)
5.Patient temperature(T1 - T4)(°C)
6.Target temperature(°C)
7.Alarm messages

Safety and Monitoring

1.Infusate Temperature: Via infra-red sensors at the input and output to the heat exchanger.
2.Line Pressure: A pressure transducer monitors the in line pressure. If the pressure reaches the threshold set by the user, the pump will slow down until pressure falls below the threshold. If the in-line pressure rises faster than 40 mm Hg/ml or exceeds 400 mm Hg, audible alarm sounds, the "HIGH PRESSURE" message is displayed, the line to the patient is closed and pump comes to an immediate stop.
3.Air Detection: Two ultrasonic air detectors monitor air in the fluid path. The fluid detector is mounted closest the fluid bag. It sounds an alarm if there is no fluid entering the system. The other air detector checks for air in the fluid line before it enters the patient line.
4.Valve wand: Provides flow path to patient, or recirculation fluid path within the system. The recirculation path is used to prime the system and eliminate air after an air detection alarm. The recirculation path is activated at all alarm conditions.



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